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You agree to the following terms and conditions on using burnonreading.com and associated services:

* You will not use our services to conduct any illegal activity.

* You will not pursue us for any damages in the event you suffer an impact or adverse result of using our services.

* You understand that messages are deleted when opened and cannot be then retrieved or recovered.

* You agree not to hassle any other users with unsolicited messages and understand that your account may be suspended if you do.

* You accept that due to the ongoing development of our product there may be periods of unavailability and possible loss of information and accept the product as is with these limitations.

* Your use of our service may be limited at our discretion if we identify excessive use.

* You agree not to try to break our product, attempt to disrupt services or access with out authorisation.

* You agree not to use our service to communicate messages of hate or harassment. 

* You understand that in the use of our services you may be exposed to Content that you find offensive.  If you do so you will advise our support team so they can investigate.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.

We will not pass on your information to third parties. 

We do not access your message content.

We delete your messages when you access them.

We depend on your Google account to authenticate your access to our services and thus hold no additional information other than your email address in order to verify your account.

We will respond to authorised law enforcement requests as far as possible within the limits of how our product operates.

We depend on Google for the operation of our product and can make no representation either way on what interception/recording that they may be applying on behalf of the US government.